Team Rock Blasters! (Golden Age of Sci-Fi Edition) is a 2v2 team game based on the arcade classic Asteroids. In Team Rock Blasters!, two teams of two players compete for points in a game of space rock blasting and space crystal harvesting action.

How to Play

On each team a player takes on the role of either a Blaster or a Collector. Much like in the game Asteroids, the Blaster shoots at meandering rocks for points. Blasting rocks releases Star Crystals, which can be harvested by the Collector. Unlike the arcade classic, however, the Blaster may also try to blast the other team's ships to smithereens to impede their progress.

In contrast to the Blaster, the Collector flies around the rock field collecting the Star Crystals which add a multiplier to the score the Blaster earns by blasting rocks. The Collector's only means of defense is a impenetrable shield. If the Collector should meet their untimely end, however, all their Space Crystals (and subsequent score multiplier) float peacefully back into space.

The team with the most points when the game clock runs out wins the game. Good luck and have fun!

Controls (Controller)

  • Rotate Ship - Left Joystick
  • Thrusters - Right Bumper
  • Blasters/Shields - Bottom Button
  • Hyperspace - Left Button
  • Start - Use Controller Start or the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys on Keyboard

Special note: Should you not have 4 controllers, you can use the keyboard to control your ships if you don't mind getting cozy with your friends. For example, Q and W will rotate the ship, A will apply thrusters, S will perform your ships action (blasters or shields), and X will perform the hyperspace maneuver. The keys for the other ships will follow a similar pattern on other keys (I'm sure you'll figure it out).

Settings (Keyboard)

  • Screen Effects Toggle - Alphanumeric "0" Key
  • Music Toggle - Alphanumeric "9" Key
  • Reset Game - Escape Key


Team Rock Blasters! (Golden Age of Sci-Fi Edition), was a game I created during a Philly  Dev Night "Versus Game" themed game jam event in 2012. I've updated the base project to Unity 2019 to take advantage of Unity's WebGL (HTML) module for playing in a browser. As an added touch, I've given the game a graphics pass, fixed a few bugs, changed the scoring mechanic, added a new original soundtrack, and re-engineered the game state code. Enjoy!


Development log